William Alfred Quannigton's I.Q.

Top Ten Highest IQs ever recorded 1. Phd. William Alfred Quannigton Child IQ=350+=off the charts/infinate Adult IQ=300+ 2. William James Sidis IQ=265+ 3. Leonardo Da Vinci IQ=225 4.Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth IQ=210 5. Hypatia IQ=210 6. Nathan Leopold IQ=210 7. Emanuel Sweedonburg IQ=205 8. Gottfried Wihlem Lebinitz IQ=205 9.Hugo Grotius IQ=200 10.Tomas Wolsey IQ=200

Monday, September 18, 2006

Most of you are probably wondering who this Quannigton guy is, so let me tell you a bit about him.He is a british student at the university of Cambridge he had the following scores on child IQ tests:298,300310,336,348,350,358,365,380, and a perfect 388 on the geniusiqtest (version 3).When was a toddler his iq was estimated at a near 400 level.


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How do I go about raising my IQ? Any advice?

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